Toomky’s Games of the Week


I absolutely can’t get enough of these games. Hope you love them as much as I do! Definitely worthwhile!


The World's Legends: Kashchey the Immortal

Kashchey the Immortal - download free on ToomkyGames 

Break the wicked spells of Kashchey the Immortal and liberate Tsarina from the captivity of an evil sorcerer! Learn more...


Shamanville: Earth Heart

Shamanville - download for free on ToomkyGames

Locate the magical artifact of the Manaitsy tribe and save them from the devices of evil spirits! Learn more...


Julia's Quest: United Kingdom

Julia's Quest - download free on ToomkyGames

Go on an unforgettable tour of the British Isles and get Grandpa’s biggest surprise! Learn more...


Fill Up

Fill Up! - download free on ToomkyGames

 Learn the trade of roadside business and become the gas station king! Learn more...


Cake Shop 3

Cake Shop 3 - download for free on ToomkyGames

 Accumulate your experience from Cake Shop and Cake Shop 2 to learn the secrets of the restaurant business and achieve the title of world-renowned restaurateur in this captivating time-management game! Learn more...


Jenny's Fish Shop

Jenny's Fish Shop - download free on ToomkyGames

Make Jenny’s dreams come true! Open an exotic fish shop and take this exciting business by the horns in this exciting time-management game!  Learn more...


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