Weekly game review: August 6–August 10!


Have you ever dreamt of owning a small café on a tropical island? Train your time management skills and learn the business secrets of fast food restaurants in Tikibar. And if you want more than just keeping one café, you can build and maintain the prosperity of the whole city in Megapolis. Master the art of urban development and create the megapolis of your dream!

Monday discovery

Master the art of urban development and build the megapolis of your dream!   Megapolis (released: august, 6th

   In the Megapolis strategy game, it’s city building time!

   Long live the new technology, ultra-modern design, and the latest advances of civilization! Learn more…



Tuesday Discovery

Solve the intricate brainteaser to the envy of the Snow Queen!   Shooting blocks: Ice Equilibrium (released: august, 7th

   The Snow Queen has given you a tricky task.

   In this captivating physics-based game you must disassemble the stonework of ice blocks while attempting to maintain equilibrium. Learn more…



Wednesday discovery

Find precious artifacts and attempt to escape from a sinking ship!   Epic escapes: Dark Seas (released: august 8th

   One day your nightmare comes true. A huge meteorite has fallen into the ocean and your ship is enveloped by a giant wave.

   Epic Escapes, a fascinating hidden object game, will surprise you with a host of unexpected discoveries and give you quite a thrill! Learn more…



Thursday discovery

learn the business secrets of fast food restaurants in Tikibar

   TikiBar (released: august 9th

   Grandma and Grandpa have gone to a the rally against the construction of a nuclear power plant on the tropical island.

   They have left their small cafe TikiBar at your disposal. The main thing is to serve the customers nimbly and promptly. Learn more…



Friday discovery

Help sheep hurdle ingenious traps and obstacles right back to their farm!   Running sheep: Tiny worlds (released: august 10th

   Sheep get lost in an uncharted meadow and end up in an abandoned labyrinth.

   Try to solve tricky puzzles and bring the sheep back home safe! Learn more…



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