Toomky’s Top Shooting Games


Load your guns, check your ammo, and charge into the horrific rumbles of these free shooting games. And don’t forget to survive! 


Critical Damage

Critical Damage - free shooter on ToomkyGames

A great threat lurks over a research space station on Jupiter’s orbit. Deadly alien monsters begin to appear one by one out of the capsules! Half of the crew is already lost in battle with them… Save the rest team and defeat the insidious aliens! Learn more...


The Juicer

The Juicer - free shooter on ToomkyGames

Hordes of mutant corncobs, pears, and cucumbers with curved thin legs attack you in fury. Fight off these little monsters at all costs. Learn more...


Fun & Bullets

Fun & Bullets - free shooter on ToomkyGames

Free your Wild West ranches from Indian raid! Hold your hat - it will be hot! Learn more...



Pulsarius - free shooter on Toomkygames

One of the colonial human planets has been captured by an unknown aggressive alien race. Some of the humans infected by aliens have turned into zombies. Salvage a colonial human planet from the attack of alien monsters! Learn more...


Asteroids Belt

Asteroids Belt - free shooter on ToomkyGames

Your ship takes center stage in the middle of a dangerous meteor shower. Act promptly and nimbly. Put your reflexes and reaction time to the test in this captivating 3D shooting game! Learn more…


The Cursed land

The Cursed Land - free shooter on ToomkyGames

Unveil the secret of the cursed land and subdue countless envoys of darkness in this free thrilling shooting game! Learn more…


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