Best Summer Games Review – TOP-10 sunny games


A great amount of free games has been published this summer. All of them are notable for fascinating gameplay, amazing graphics, and unique features. I’m sure these games will cheer you up!


wild west stories: the beginnings   Wild West Stories (released: august, 28th) 

Become a real American Western hero!

In Wild West Story: The Beginnings, an exciting hidden object game, you rebuild a ghost town in the heart of the Wild West. Learn more...


aquatica   Lost city of Aquatica (released: august, 15th)

In the depths of the ocean you have met... a descendant of the ancient inhabitants of Atlantis!

He asks you to help him rebuild a ghost town Aquatica. Will you manage the task? Learn more to find it out…


running sheep   Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds (released: august, 10th)

Sheep get lost in an uncharted meadow and end up in an abandoned labyrinth.

Try to solve tricky puzzles and bring the sheep back home safe! Learn more…

tikibar   Tikibar (released: august, 9th)

Grandma and Grandpa have gone to a the rally against the construction of a nuclear power plant on the tropical island.

They have left their small cafe TikiBar at your disposal. The main thing is to serve the customers nimbly and promptly. Learn more…


dino shift   Dino Shift (released: august, 1st)

Dino, a funny little dinosaur, hatches out of his egg and goes right off exploring a mysterious, uncharted world of fantasies. 

Amazing adventures are not long in coming. Learn more...


magic farm   Magic Farm (released: july, 26th)

The dramatic news of your parents’ mysterious disappearance disrupts your studies at the Magic Floral Academy.

You must grow and sell beautiful flowers and delicious fruits to find and rescue your mom and dad. Learn more...


rocko blocko   Rocko Blocko (released: july, 16th)

Solve a fascinating puzzle of green blocks–not just your average blocks, but living, smiling, and goggle-eyed blocks! Learn more...


basket bird   Basket Bird (released: june, 27th)

Weird basketball forever! Instead of balls, in Basketbird you have multicolored birds, round like donuts. Learn more...


ramen   Ramen Delight: The Happy Journey (released: june, 9th)

Plunge into the world of Ramen Delight! The Happy Journey and learn a host of Chinese cuisine recipes.

The main hero - a little Panda - dreams of opening a ramen fast food joint. Learn more...


mr.bree   Mr. Bree: Returning Home (released: june, 6th)

Imagine you wake up in a strange, dense forest with no clue how you got there.

Your goal is to find your way home. Learn more...


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