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Knight Solitaire 3

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In Knight Solitaire 3, a nice card game, you will dive into the inimitable atmosphere of the Middle Ages once again!

Spears and armor, tournaments in honor of beautiful ladies and the сrusades are in the limelight again. But despite general attributes of a knight’s life, swords are not an option this time. Intellectual duels are highly-prized here!

Only the most astucious and attentive one will become a winner. Are you ready to show the power of your intellect? Play Knight Solitaire 3 free!

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  • langue du jeu: anglais
  • 120 fascinating levels
  • 21 attractive trophies
  • 3 types of bonuses
  • 4 amazing locations
  • 2 modes of difficulty
  • card solitaire GRATUIT

Configuration minimale

  • OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • CPU : x86, 800 MHz
  • RAM : 256 MB
  • DirectX : 8.1 et mieux