December Game Discoveries: on the way towards Christmas


We’re already halfway through December now. Everyone is gearing up for upcoming Christmas: fuss about presents, tree decoration, and bottoming the house. You can warm up for this stuff by playing free games discovered lately. In Clutter your top concern is to sort out the mess and turn chaos into order. In Shaman Odyssey you must build new huts, collect useful resources, protect the members of your tribe from cunning pirates, hungry sharks, and terrifying ghosts. Check out these games and more with this game review!

Let’s have a look which games have taken the lead for December on my free entertainment portal! Mind-boggling adventures await you in Alex Gordon, a top notch platformer, and in Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure, a challenging time management game. And don’t forget to put your strategic wits to the test in Royal Defense: Invisible Threat, an ultimate tower defense game! 



Alex Gordon - free platformer game on ToomkyGames Alex Gordon 

Alex Gordon, a cute cat, sets off for a fabulously beautiful island in search of treasures along with his sister Alice. In one of the caves the cats find an ancient amulet. But this discovery plays a low-down trick with them. Learn more…


Shaman Odyssey - free time management game on ToomkyGames Shaman Odyssey: Tropic Adventure 

In this exotic strategy game, you take on the role of a shaman. There is more to this task than meets the eye! Every day you wake up to a myriad of responsibilities and concerns: you must build new huts, collect useful resources, protect the members of your tribe and more. Learn more…


Royal Defense: Invisible Threat - free tower defense game on ToomkyGames Royal Defense: Invisible Threat 

Monstrous troll hordes have captured the dwarven kingdom again. All the dwarves are begging for your help! The main thing is to aim at the places where your nemesis is most weak and vulnerable. Learn more…


Clutter - free hidden object game on ToomkyGames Clutter 

This game gives you the unique opportunity to get your ducks in a row while having a blast. Various enrapturing puzzles, intricate mini-games, and hours of fun await you! If you manage to cope with the Clutter, you’ll become the owner of 12 magic precious stones. Learn more…


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