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Free Shooting Games

Ready. Aim. Fire.

ToomkyGames is your personal drill sergeant, ready to help you take your online shooting skills to the next level. We’re your one-stop destination for free online shooting games, offering dozens of the best games on the web, but the action doesn’t stop there. You can also download our free shooting games to your PC and continue playing while offline. Even better — we'll never ask for a dime.

Our Selection of Shooting Games for Your PC

Here at ToomkyGames, we offer all of the hottest shooting games online, so you can battle in the skies, defend the sea, open fire in outer space, or embark on a variety of other shooting adventures. Aim for the highest-rated games first, or browse our selection of the most popular shooting games right now to choose your next mission. You’ll also find all of our shooting games listed in alphabetical order, making it easy for you to search and start playing your favorite games immediately.

Every shooting game offers a different style, setting and mission — so you never have to battle the same enemy twice. Dive into wild shooting excursions — such as settling a dispute like a real cowboy in Fun and Bullets or strategically defending your fortress from enemy ships in Iron Sea Defenders. Or, experience life after a shipwreck on Lost Island, where mysterious creatures and local inhabitants want you dead.

Anyone Can Play for Free

Every type of player — from first-time PC users to the most advanced online gaming enthusiasts — will find countless, action-packed, free online shooting games at ToomkyGames. They’re easy to play online, free to download for offline use (great for traveling), and fun for all ages. We offer so many free online shooting games for PC that your biggest battle will be deciding which game to play first.

All Shooting Games

Ancient Ants Adventures Arcadrome ARCANIUM: Rise of Akhan Asteroids Belt Astrology 2: Damned Mill Critical Damage Cyborg Defense Iron Heart 2: Underground Army Iron Sea: Defenders Puru Puru Archer’s Shot Smash Frenzy 4 Space Robot Space Shoot Speed EX 2 Spiders Arena Steam Defense Super Mechs Super Shooter Survival In Zombies Desert Sweets Slicer

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