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I’m inclined to believe that all of us enjoy delicious meals and desserts. When we sit down to eat something we know is undoubtedly tasty, our mouth starts watering and we just can’t wait for this scrumptious dish to be served. You know the recipes for some dainties? That’s great! If not – not to worry! Put your cooking skills to test and gain some valuable experience in this delicious game review!

Like to have a snack? Play these cooking games absolutely free and learn how to prepare mouthwatering dishes!


Magic Sweets - free cooking game download on ToomkyGames Magic Sweets

You play the role of a pastry chef at the Academy of magic, learn recipes for delicious cakes and cocktails, teach a funny green dragon different tricks, solve a number of fascinating puzzles, and become a master of magical time-management while having a blast! Learn more…


Tikibar - free cooking game download on ToomkyGames Tikibar

You have decided to spend your vacation on a marvelous tropical island–on a visit with your grandparents. They have left their small cafe TikiBar at your disposal. The main thing is to serve the customers nimbly and promptly. Learn more…


Asami's Sushi Shop - download free cooking game on ToomkyGames Asami’s Sushi Shop

In Asami’s Sushi Shop your Grandpa has left you a small business as a legacy–a sushi shop. Pampering customers with breathtakingly delicious dishes is an art. Especially if preparing sushi turns into solving colorful, truly addictive puzzles! Learn more…


Samurai Last Exam - free sushi cooking game on ToomkyGames Samurai Last Exam

Ever tried to make sushi? No? Not to worry! Samurai Last Exam will help you master this among many other Samurai skills. Improve your mastery, gain new skills, and acquire knowledge level by level in this free cooking game! Learn more…


Cake Shop 2 - download free cooking game on ToomkyGames Cake Shop 2

Your friend has just asked you to look after his roadside cafe in Hawaii. Piece of cake! That kind of thing is second nature to you! Cooking irresistible, scrumptious cakes with a crispy biscuit; cherry jam; and hot chocolate is an incredibly exciting and profitable pastime! Learn more…


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