Toomky’s Game Discoveries: April Highlights


I’m calling for some arch braniacs! Is there anybody here?  Get ready to strain your brains for all its worth in this month’s game lineup! Expand your mind piecing together whimsical mosaic fragments in Mosaics Galore. Put your attentiveness on display and find 10 hidden differences in Just Spot it! Mirror Mirror. Show your wits and overcome all the obstacles in 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes. Check them out and along with a lot more in this game flashback! 

Colorful and fascinating brain-twisters were published on ToomkyGames this month while you were playing your favorite free games over and over again. A wide choice of challenging games – from spot the difference to match 3 – are bound to put to the test your wit and luck. Game on!


Mosaics Galore - free puzzle game on ToomkyGames Mosaics Galore

A sneaky thief has captured magical animals, imprisoned them in cages, and mysteriously disappeared. Your main task is to find the kidnapper and bring the pets back home safe and sound. The more brain-twisters you solve, the more cages with pets you open. Learn more…


7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes - free match 3 game on ToomkyGames 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes

Thousands of years ago during the war with invaders the Dacians hid their legendary treasures. Only the one who gets magic keys can find them. Why don’t you try your luck? Go through seven magical gates and find lost treasures! Learn more…


Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror - free puzzle game on ToomkyGames Just Spot it! Mirror Mirror

There is a colorful picture with a variety of tiny details and its mirror reflection. Look identically, don’t they? They do, but only at first glance. What if you look closely?  Your attentiveness and patience are the essential ingredients of your success. Learn more…


Lost in Night - free match 3 game on ToomkyGames Lost in Night

Welcome to the world of good fairy tales and fantastic legends!  Get ready to solve an old witch’s puzzles and build a magic town. The more brain teasers you solve, the faster your fairytale settlement grows! Learn more…


Aqua Fish 2 - free arcade game on ToomkyGames Aqua Fish 2

There is an abandoned maze with chests of gold coins and various magic artifacts hidden in its corners at the very bottom of the deep blue sea. A tiny curious fish is lost and has swum to the maze. Help it find ancient treasures and escape the scavenger inhabitants of the sea bottom. Learn more…

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