Toomky’s Game Discoveries: February Highlights


When did you last play an arkanoid game? A good while ago, huh? This month I’ve discovered a cool game of that kind – Astrology! Your mission is to break the evil spell of a vengeful astrologer. After that, try to defend your lunch in Pizza Defense, a fast-paced action game. Once you’re done, plunge into the immersive atmosphere of a colorful carnival in Mahjong Carnival. But don’t let your guard down, because you’ll need your agility in Mr. Constructor’s Troubles and quick-fire reaction in Invasion.  Game on!

Get ready to tease your brains as these games are really hard rows to hoe! I bet, you’ll face certain difficulties while trying to survive in a space shooter game and defending your slice of pizza in an arcade game listed below. Good luck! 


Pizza Defense - free rescue game on ToomkyGames Pizza Defense 

Annoying insects do everything to steal a slice of your pizza. You have to cope with these food pests as quick as possible! Defend your lunch against hordes of voracious insects in this free defense game! Learn more…


Astrology - free arkanoid game on ToomkyGames Astrology 

One day, the king of a faraway country sentenced to death a wandering astrologer. One minute before his death, the stranger put a curse on the king and his subjects.  Only a magic potion can save the kingdom from evil spells. Learn more…


Mr Constructor's Troubles - free platformer game on ToomkyGames Mr. Constructor’s Troubles

Constructors have built a new house, but left debris and tools lying around. You’re entrusted with the honorable duty of  tidying up! All the tenants have already moved into the new house and they don’t smother their irritation. Learn more…


Mahjong Carnival - free brain teaser game on ToomkyGames Mahjong Carnival 

This original oriental puzzle opens up a great opportunity to join several carnivals around the world! But first, you have to disassemble a pyramid of whimsical tiles. The most valuable of them are gold ones. Learn more…


Invasion - free space shooter game on ToomkyGames Invasion

In the fathomless depth of space your spacecraft is caught in a meteor shower and comes under heavy enemy fire from all sides. Stand to your guns! Emerge victorious in this head-spinning skirmish! Learn more…


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