Toomky’s Game Discoveries: July Highlights


July is ready to make its way for August which means now is a great time to quickly spare a thought of the best games released on my free entertainment portal this past month. Put your reaction rate to the test as you play Street Runner, an endless runner game full of erratic obstacles. After that, help brave birdies overcome enemy traps in Non Flying Soldiers. Later on, find precious artifacts and discover new secrets of Ancient Egyptian history in Lost Tales of Egypt. More gripping missions await you in this game review. Game on! 

Each of the given free casual games contains really tricky missions. Are you quick on your feet enough to complete them all? Bask in these engrossing games and check it out! Have an awesome play!


Street Runner - free endless runner game on ToomkyGames Street Runner

An obstacle race through the maze of busy and crowded streets… What could be more extreme than that?! You’ll discover a world full of exciting and unpredictable events. Dive into a whirlpool of unforgettable adventures in this free arcade game now! Learn more…

Non Flying Soldiers - free brain teaser game on Toomkygames Non Flying Soldiers

In this game you control a small detachment of feathered soldiers. All kinds of traps and snares await your birdies on their way: ditches, energized wires, and even electric saw! Guide the bird’s squad to the finish line with no loss. Learn more…

Lost Tales of Egypt - free hidden object game on ToomkyGames Lost Tales of Egypt

In this fascinating hidden object game, you have a wonderful opportunity to experience the inimitable atmosphere of Ancient Egyptian civilization and train your brains solving intricate puzzles. Learn more…

Apple Pie - free match 3 game on ToomkyGames Apple Pie

Your auntie has gone on vacation and asked you to look after her restaurant. Let’s get down to business! Interior renovations and updating the restaurant menu with new dishes will help you attract new clients and significantly boost your profit. Learn more…


Knight Solitaire - free card game on ToomkyGames Knight Solitaire

This captivating puzzle game gives you a great chance to dive into the inimitable atmosphere of the Middle Ages and take part in a royal solitaire tournament. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Jump at your chance to win a tournament among sophisticated intellectuals! Learn more…

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