Toomky’s Game Discoveries: June Highlights


Jump at your chance to take a stab at playing 5 brilliant games with completely different mechanics! You’re going to face a multitude of risky missions like to free a kind fairy from an evil spell in Dream Hills, to seek out a sacred stone in Azteca,  to earn the title of the world’s greatest businessman in Bounders & Cads, to make your way through the world of shadows in Astrology 2, and a lot more in this game review! 

A fair amount of free downloadable games in top genres has been published this June. All of them are notable for absorbing gameplay, nice graphics, and unique features. I bet you’ll be able to select something that really tickles your fancy! 


Game Girls Puzzle - free jigsaw game on ToomkyGames Game Girls Puzzle

There is a collection of puzzles featuring the main beauties of popular computer games before you. Fantastic outfits, spectacular hairstyle, and beautiful eyes – these girls look a million dollars! Learn more…


Dream Hills: Captured Magic - free hidden object game on ToomkyGames Dream Hills: Captured Magic

One day, an insidious witch casts a spell on the Fairy Godmother and the Fairy falls asleep for a long time. The kingdom is plunged into darkness. Learn more…


Astrology 2: Damned Mill - free arkanoid game on ToomkyGames Astrology 2: Damned Mill

The sequel to Astrology promises new amazing discoveries! Just imagine: you feel ghosts’ blood-chilling breath, see eyes glowing in the dark, and hear heartrending moans of the dead. Learn more…


Azteca - free match 3 game on ToomkyGames Azteca

A long time ago, Ixtos, the king of Aztecs, asked the sun god how to set the Aztec people free from envy and evil. The king received a valuable tip and carved its words on a stone. However, the stone disappeared along with the last hope for salvation. Learn more…


Bounders and Cads - free board game on ToomkyGames Bounders and Cads

Old Aunt Edna has died leaving a multimillion-dollar fortune to be claimed. But only the most enterprising one will be able to receive the inheritance. Learn more…

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