Toomky’s Top Detective Stories


Put your staggering wits to use and solve the most intricate cases of these free detective games!


Kelly Stanford: Turn of Fate

Kellie Stanford – Turn of Fate - download free on ToomkyGames

One hectic day turns Kellie Stanford’s life into a real thriller! A strange call from the film studio, gangsters on the doorstep, and the unexpected news of her father ... Help Kellie outwit the gangsters and discover the family secret! Learn more...


Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder

Jane Croft - download for free on ToomkyGames

Someone has killed a famous millionaire. Your business partner, a private detective, has also become a victim of murder. Is there any link between the two audacious crimes? Don’t miss your chance to become a genius detective and uncover the crime of the century! Learn more...


City Mysteries

City Mysteries - download for free on ToomkyGames

Each city has its own charm and each city keeps its own secrets. The world’s major capitals are no exception! In City Mysteries you must become a genius detective. Discover the key to the mysteries of the streets of the four world capitals! Learn more...



Hidden World of Art 2

Hidden World of Art 2 - download for free on ToomkyGames

Some of the great paintings disappear from the museums and the art galleries. The thieves still haven’t been found. While restoring another one of the pictures, you suddenly uncover the trail of the culprit. Learn more...


The Jolly Gang’s Spooky Adventure

The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure - download for free on ToomkyGames

Help a young female journalist shed light on a mysterious incident and write a stunning report! Learn more...


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