TOP-7 Toomky’s Winter Games


Rejoicing to the changing of the seasons? – Got that right! Let’s bid farewell to the winter season and a warm-warm how-do-you-do to the spring! Let’s recall the funniest and most colorful games that have overjoyed the cockles of our hearts, most of all on my free game portal this winter. Check them out in this TOP-7 Winter Games list

An expansive host of free games both downloadable and online in top genres has been published this passing winter. All of them are notable for fascinating gameplay, amazing graphics, and unique features. I’m sure these games will keep a smile on your face and give you a high of positive emotions so you can live it up all spring!


1st place

Cake Shop - free cooking game on ToomkyGames  Cake Shop

In this free cooking game you will learn the science of cooking incredibly delicious pastries, the secrets of the restaurant business, and high service standards. Become the best restaurateur of all time and get a new house as a gift! Learn more…


2nd place

Mystery of Unicorn Castle - download free hidden game on ToomkyGames Mystery of Unicorn castle

Amazing, but true: you’ve inherited an ancient castle in the heart of England! As usual, it’s completely full of ghosts. The trouble is there are others claiming the inheritance… Figure out the mystery of Unicorn Castle and become the fully legitimate proprietor! Learn more…


3rd place

Megapolis - download citybuilder free on ToomkyGames Megapolis

Long live the new technology, ultra-modern design, and the latest advances of civilization! In the Megapolis strategy game, it’s city building time! Master the art of urban development and build the city of your dream! Learn more…


4th place

Running Sheep - download free adventure game on ToomkyGames Running Sheep

Aliens have landed on the Earth and ironically taken a herd of sheep for the most intelligent of its inhabitants. As a result, the sheep find themselves on the alien ship. Help the lambs escape from the ship of alien invaders! Learn more…


5th place

Ostrich Runner - download free adventure game on ToomkyGames Ostrich runner

One day, an evil professor from Orion sent his assistant to steal ostrich eggs for his dangerous experiment. Become the savior of stolen fledglings and return happiness to the ostrich planet! Learn more…


6th place

Jenny's Fish Shop - download free business game on ToomkyGames Jenny’s Fish Shop

Jenny’s childhood dream has now come true: she is the owner of a pet fish shop! Help her take this exciting business by the horns discovering new opportunities for personal growth! Learn more…


7th place

Island Realms - download free strategy game on ToomkyGames Island Realms

A brave crew of sailors, after just rescuing themselves from pirates, have found themselves on an uninhabited island. Experience a charm of living on a desert island and subdue sneaky pirates! Learn more…


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