2048 Legend

2048 Legend
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2048 Legend is one of the best casual puzzle games. Simple gameplay, calm colors and inspiring music. The one who wants just to relax or the other one who is looking for a challenge – both will enjoy this barley-break. The main mechanic is simple: move numbered tiles around the field. Two tiles with the same number, when touched, merge into one with a bigger number. After each of your moves, new tiles will appear in a random free cell on the field. The game offers different sizes for the field. The more cells, the greater the number that can be collected. That’s why there are special victory conditions for each size. Play 2048 Legend Free  


  • Game language: English
  • Choose the field out of three sizes (4x4, 6x6, 8x8)
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to move the tiles
  • Put the game on the pause at any moment
  • Save your results
  • FREE simple puzzle game

System requirements

  • A wired or WiFi internet access


2048 Legend 2048 Legend 2048 Legend 2048 Legend

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