ToomkyGames wishes you a Happy New Year!


The New Year is here...  Let us live it to the fullest and may it be the best year ever! Happy New Year!

I wish you unforgettable New Year holidays playing your favorite games! And don’t forget about Toomky – I’ll still be publishing cool free games while you are relaxing during your days off. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to be the 1st to find out about new games releases!

As you may know, I have prepared a special gift for you – NEW YEAR’s GAME MARATHON! JOIN NOW! Learn how here. Check out the 1st flashback of this marathon: the best games of the week!


Cake Shop 2

Cake Shop 2 - free business game Become the best restaurateur of all time!

 You will learn the science of cooking incredibly delicious pastries, the secrets of the restaurant business, and high service standards. Learn more...



Mechanicus - free space logic game  Reign victorious over alien intelligence!

Aliens have set a host of treacherous traps for the people of the Earth. They've left all kinds of things! One wrong step... and the teleportation device or antigravity trap is activated! Learn more...


Tower Builder

Tower Builder - free balance game Construct a ladder of big-eyed dice!

Once upon a time there was a small pebble on the top of a steep cliff. One day the pebble lost vigilance and rolled down to the bottom of the abyss. Help him build a ladder back up and return home! Learn more...


Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom - free wizard game Bring the hot summer back to a wonderland!

In a far corner of the fairy land resides an evil sorcerer off lowering meadows and singing waterfalls. One day, the wizard casts a spell and freezes the country over in ice and snow for many years. Learn more...


In Search of The Lost Temple

In Search of the Lost Temple - free mystery game Find a magic potion in an ancient temple!

During an unforgettable expedition to China, your grandfather manages to unravel the mystery of the oldest Chinese temple. But a mysterious illness confines him to his bed. Learn more...


Raxx: The Painted Dog

Raxx: The Painted Dog - free drawing game Express your artistic talent!

Raxx the funny dog has accidentally found himself inside his little master’s drawing. Help the dog to get out of the world of drawings and come back to the real world. Take your pencil and start drawing! Learn more...


The Jolly Gang’s Spooky Adventure

The Jolly Gang's Spooky Adventure - free detective game Help a young female journalist write a report!

Help a young female journalist shed light on a mysterious incident and write a stunning report! She will accompany you in an investigation of a ghost appearance in a psychic’s house. Learn more...


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