Weekly game review: August 13 – August 17


Wednesday discovery

Rebuild a ghost town of Aquatica!  Lost city of Aquatica (released: august, 15th)

In the depths of the ocean you have met... a descendant of the ancient inhabitants of Atlantis!

He asks you to help him rebuild a ghost town Aquatica. Will you manage the task? Learn more to find it out…



Thursday discovery

Become the greatest ancient city architect!  Romopolis (released: august, 16th)

Romopolis takes you through centuries of glory to the heyday of the Roman civilization

You are the chief architect - Caesar’s right hand - and head of ancient Rome’s city construction.  Learn more…



Friday discovery

test your IQ!  Shooting Blocks 2: Wood Equilibrium (released: august, 17th) 

Warning: it is almost impossible to tear yourself away from Shooting Blocks 2: Wood Equilibrium, a truly addictive logical brainteaser!

The main thing is to keep the complex construction delicately balanced. The task is deceptively simple. Learn more…



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