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1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzles1T


1001 Jigsaw World Tour: American Puzzles
Alice's PatchworkA1


Alice's Patchwork
Amazing PyramidsAA Amazing Pyramids
Asian MahjongAA Asian Mahjong
Asian RiddlesAA Asian Riddles
Asian Riddles 4AA Asian Riddles 4
Billiardino 3BA


Billiardino 3
Bounders and CadsBB Bounders and Cads
Checkers by SkillGamesBoardCB


Checkers by SkillGamesBoard
Chess by SkillGamesBoardCC Chess by SkillGamesBoard
Christmas Mahjong 2CC Christmas Mahjong 2
Connect Four by SkillGamesBoardCC Connect Four by SkillGamesBoard
Detective Riddles: Sherlock's HeritageDC


Detective Riddles: Sherlock's Heritage
Detective Riddles: Sherlock’s Heritage 2DD Detective Riddles: Sherlock’s Heritage 2
Egypt Solitaire: Match 2 CardsED


Egypt Solitaire: Match 2 Cards
Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 2FE


Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 2
Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 3FF Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 3
Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat!FF Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat!
flChessFF flChess
Gnomes Garden 2GF


Gnomes Garden 2
Go by SkillGamesBoardGG Go by SkillGamesBoard
Gomoku by SkillGamesBoardGG Gomoku by SkillGamesBoard
Griddlers: Beach SeasonGG Griddlers: Beach Season
Griddlers: Victorian PicnicGG Griddlers: Victorian Picnic
Halloween Night 2: MahjongHG


Halloween Night 2: Mahjong
Halloween Night MahjongHH Halloween Night Mahjong
Halloween Riddles: Mysterious GriddlersHH Halloween Riddles: Mysterious Griddlers
Hexxagon by SkillGamesBoardHH Hexxagon by SkillGamesBoard
Holiday Jigsaw: Halloween 4HH Holiday Jigsaw: Halloween 4
Holiday Jigsaw: Thanksgiving Day 3HH Holiday Jigsaw: Thanksgiving Day 3
Holiday Mosaics: Halloween PuzzlesHH Holiday Mosaics: Halloween Puzzles
Holiday Solitaire: EasterHH Holiday Solitaire: Easter
Jigsaw Puzzle BoxJH


Jigsaw Puzzle Box
Jigsaw Tour 3JJ Jigsaw Tour 3
Jurassic MahjongJJ Jurassic Mahjong
Knight SolitaireKJ


Knight Solitaire
Knight Solitaire 2KK Knight Solitaire 2
Knight Solitaire 3KK Knight Solitaire 3
Love's Power MahjongLK


Love's Power Mahjong
Magic Bookshop: MahjongML


Magic Bookshop: Mahjong
Magic GriddlersMM Magic Griddlers
Mahjong by SkillGamesBoardMM Mahjong by SkillGamesBoard
Mahjong Carnaval 2MM Mahjong Carnaval 2
Mahjong GoldMM Mahjong Gold
Mahjong Magic JourneyMM Mahjong Magic Journey
Mahjong Magic Journey 2MM Mahjong Magic Journey 2
Mahjong Magic Journey 3MM Mahjong Magic Journey 3
Mahjong Royal TowersMM Mahjong Royal Towers
Mahjong World ContestMM Mahjong World Contest
Mahjong: Business StyleMM Mahjong: Business Style
Mahjong: Valentine's DayMM Mahjong: Valentine's Day
Mahjong: Wolf’s StoriesMM Mahjong: Wolf’s Stories
MahjonggMM Mahjongg
Pirate's SolitairePM


Pirate's Solitaire
Pirate's Solitaire 2PP Pirate's Solitaire 2
Pirate's Solitaire 3PP Pirate's Solitaire 3
Renju by SkillGamesBoardRP


Renju by SkillGamesBoard
Reversi by SkillGamesBoardRR Reversi by SkillGamesBoard
Royal Mahjong: King's JourneyRR Royal Mahjong: King's Journey
Sakura Day 2: MahjongSR


Sakura Day 2: Mahjong
Sakura Day MahjongSS Sakura Day Mahjong
Sokoban ChampionsSS Sokoban Champions
Solitaire Beach SeasonSS Solitaire Beach Season
Solitaire Beach Season 2SS Solitaire Beach Season 2
Solitaire Christmas: Match 2 CardsSS Solitaire Christmas: Match 2 Cards
Solitaire Doodle GodSS Solitaire Doodle God
Solitaire Game: HalloweenSS Solitaire Game: Halloween
Solitaire Game: Halloween 2SS Solitaire Game: Halloween 2
Solitaire Match 2 Cards: Thanksgiving DaySS Solitaire Match 2 Cards: Thanksgiving Day
Solitaire Match 2 Cards: Valentine's DaySS Solitaire Match 2 Cards: Valentine's Day
Solitaire Victorian PicnicSS Solitaire Victorian Picnic
Solitaire: Halloween StorySS Solitaire: Halloween Story
Space MahjongSS Space Mahjong
Squares by SkillGamesBoardSS Squares by SkillGamesBoard
Strike SolitaireSS Strike Solitaire
Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside SeasonSS Strike Solitaire 2: Seaside Season
Sudoku XSS Sudoku X
Thanksgiving Day MosaicTS


Thanksgiving Day Mosaic
True Detective SolitaireTT True Detective Solitaire
True Detective Solitaire 2TT True Detective Solitaire 2