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Crazy Cooking
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10 Talismans1Z


10 Talismans
5 Realms of Cards51


5 Realms of Cards
ABC Coloring TownA5


ABC Coloring Town
Age of Conquest IIIAA Age of Conquest III
Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2AA Alphabet Robots Mahjong 2
Angry BirdsAA Angry Birds
Aqua Fish PuzzleAA Aqua Fish Puzzle
Aqua Jelly PuzzleAA Aqua Jelly Puzzle
Arctic Quest 2AA Arctic Quest 2
Asian MahjongAA Asian Mahjong
Asian RiddlesAA Asian Riddles
Bad PiggiesBA


Bad Piggies
Ball in a labyrinthBB Ball in a labyrinth
Ball SeparationBB Ball Separation
Balloon BlowoutBB Balloon Blowout
Barnyard Mahjong 2BB Barnyard Mahjong 2
Battle DawnBB Battle Dawn
Birds DefendersBB Birds Defenders
Blast OutBB Blast Out
Bloomo: a submarine adventureBB Bloomo: a submarine adventure
BristliesBB Bristlies
Candy LandCB


Candy Land
Cardmania: Golf SolitaireCC Cardmania: Golf Solitaire
Christmas GriddlersCC Christmas Griddlers
Christmas MahjongCC Christmas Mahjong
Christmas Patchwork: FrozenCC Christmas Patchwork: Frozen
Christmas Tree Light UpCC Christmas Tree Light Up
City MysteriesCC City Mysteries
ClutterCC Clutter
Counter Strike Training AreaCC Counter Strike Training Area
Crazy BirdsCC Crazy Birds
Crazy CookingCC Crazy Cooking
Danko and Space AdventureDC


Danko and Space Adventure
Difference Project Party Pack 2DD Difference Project Party Pack 2
Dino Rage DefenseDD Dino Rage Defense
Dino ShiftDD Dino Shift
Double SnakeDD Double Snake
Dragon BombDD Dragon Bomb
Easter RiddlesED


Easter Riddles
Egg Savior 2EE Egg Savior 2
Elementary My Dear Majesty!EE Elementary My Dear Majesty!
Elias The MightyEE Elias The Mighty
Enchanted CavernEE Enchanted Cavern
EvolyEE Evoly
Fantastic 4 In a Row 2FE


Fantastic 4 In a Row 2
Fantastic Checkers 2FF Fantastic Checkers 2
Fashion SeasonFF Fashion Season
Fill and Cross:  Pirate RiddlesFF Fill and Cross:  Pirate Riddles
Fill and Cross: Christmas RiddlesFF Fill and Cross: Christmas Riddles
Fill and Cross: Royal RiddlesFF Fill and Cross: Royal Riddles
Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 2FF Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat 2
Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat!FF Fill and Cross: Trick or Treat!
Fill and Cross: World ContestFF Fill and Cross: World Contest
Find The CowFF Find The Cow
Fluffy Rescue Levels PackFF Fluffy Rescue Levels Pack
Football TricksFF Football Tricks
Four Piece TangramFF Four Piece Tangram
Fox’n’Roll ProFF Fox’n’Roll Pro
Gem FusionGF


Gem Fusion
Gogo Pets PuzzleGG Gogo Pets Puzzle
Griddlers: Ted and P.E.T.GG Griddlers: Ted and P.E.T.
Halloween Night: Pumpkins MatchHG


Halloween Night: Pumpkins Match
Hide Caesar 2HH Hide Caesar 2
Holiday Jigsaw: ChristmasHH Holiday Jigsaw: Christmas
Holiday Jigsaw: Christmas 2HH Holiday Jigsaw: Christmas 2
Holiday Jigsaw: EasterHH Holiday Jigsaw: Easter
Holiday Jigsaw: Easter 2HH Holiday Jigsaw: Easter 2
Holiday Jigsaw: HalloweenHH Holiday Jigsaw: Halloween
Holiday Jigsaw: St. Valentine’s DayHH Holiday Jigsaw: St. Valentine’s Day
Holiday Jigsaw: Thanksgiving DayHH Holiday Jigsaw: Thanksgiving Day
Holiday Jigsaw: Valentine’s Day 2HH Holiday Jigsaw: Valentine’s Day 2
Holiday Solitaire: EasterHH Holiday Solitaire: Easter
Hot JavaHH Hot Java
Hungry FishHH Hungry Fish
Ice Puzzle DeluxeIH


Ice Puzzle Deluxe
IsidiadaII Isidiada
Island RealmsII Island Realms


Jane LuckyJJ Jane Lucky
Jelly All StarsJJ Jelly All Stars
Jigsaw BoomJJ Jigsaw Boom
Jigsaw Boom 2JJ Jigsaw Boom 2
Jigsaw Boom 3JJ Jigsaw Boom 3
Jigsaw PuzzleJJ Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Tour: LondonJJ Jigsaw Tour: London
Jigsaw Tour: New YorkJJ Jigsaw Tour: New York
Jigsaw Tour: ParisJJ Jigsaw Tour: Paris
Jigsaw Tour: PragueJJ Jigsaw Tour: Prague
Jigsaw WorldJJ Jigsaw World
Just Spot It!JJ Just Spot It!
Just Spot It! Mirror MirrorJJ Just Spot It! Mirror Mirror
Letter Land Mahjong 2LJ


Letter Land Mahjong 2
Loan ConsolidationLL Loan Consolidation
London Mania: Tube StationsLL London Mania: Tube Stations
Lost city of AquaticaLL Lost city of Aquatica
Love’s Power MahjongLL Love’s Power Mahjong
Magic GemML


Magic Gem
MagnetsMM Magnets
Mahjong CarnivalMM Mahjong Carnival
Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral PlanesMM Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes
Mahjong GoldMM Mahjong Gold
Mahjong Royal TowersMM Mahjong Royal Towers
Mahjong World ContestMM Mahjong World Contest
Mahjong: Business StyleMM Mahjong: Business Style
MahjonggMM Mahjongg
Mapping MapsMM Mapping Maps
Match and RemoveMM Match and Remove
Matchmaker: Joining HeartsMM Matchmaker: Joining Hearts
Math ManMM Math Man
MechanicusMM Mechanicus
MegapolisMM Megapolis
MinecraftMM Minecraft
Monkey JumpMM Monkey Jump
Mosaics GaloreMM Mosaics Galore
Mountain Crime: RequitalMM Mountain Crime: Requital
Mysteries of HorusMM Mysteries of Horus
Mystic MineMM Mystic Mine
Need for Speed WorldNM


Need for Speed World
Non Flying SoldiersNN Non Flying Soldiers
Number BallsNN Number Balls
Number TwinsNN Number Twins
NumericonNN Numericon
Nutty ManiaNN Nutty Mania
Oh, My Candy!ON


Oh, My Candy!
Olympus GriddlersOO Olympus Griddlers
Oriental DreamsOO Oriental Dreams
Pearls for PigsPO


Pearls for Pigs
Pengu BloxPP Pengu Blox
Pirate’s SolitairePP Pirate’s Solitaire
Planet ProtectorPP Planet Protector
Plants vs. ZombiesPP Plants vs. Zombies
Puzzle mania: Chronicles of the UnicornPP Puzzle mania: Chronicles of the Unicorn
Quick CalculateQP


Quick Calculate
Railroads of AmericaRQ


Railroads of America
Raxx: The Painted DogRR Raxx: The Painted Dog
Riddle of the MaskRR Riddle of the Mask
Robin’s Island AdventureRR Robin’s Island Adventure
Rocko BlockoRR Rocko Blocko
Royal DefenseRR Royal Defense
Royal Defense: Ancient MenaceRR Royal Defense: Ancient Menace
Royal Defense: Invisible ThreatRR Royal Defense: Invisible Threat
Royal JigsawRR Royal Jigsaw
Rune of FateRR Rune of Fate
Running SheepRR Running Sheep
Running Sheep: Tiny WorldsRR Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds
Samurai Last ExamSR


Samurai Last Exam
Samurai PandaSS Samurai Panda
Save SamSS Save Sam
Season Match 3: Curse of the Witch CrowSS Season Match 3: Curse of the Witch Crow
Shamanville: Earth HeartSS Shamanville: Earth Heart
Shooting Blocks 2: Wood EquilibriumSS Shooting Blocks 2: Wood Equilibrium
Shooting Blocks: Ice EquilibriumSS Shooting Blocks: Ice Equilibrium
Ski Resort MogulSS Ski Resort Mogul
Sky Bubbles DeluxeSS Sky Bubbles Deluxe
Sliding Block PuzzleSS Sliding Block Puzzle
Smileyland: All the Colors of the RainbowSS Smileyland: All the Colors of the Rainbow
Solitaire Game: ChristmasSS Solitaire Game: Christmas
Solitaire Game: HalloweenSS Solitaire Game: Halloween
Solitaire Twist CollectionSS Solitaire Twist Collection
Space MahjongSS Space Mahjong
Spiny TomSS Spiny Tom
Spooky MahjongSS Spooky Mahjong
Squirrel and the Golden NutSS Squirrel and the Golden Nut
Steam DefenseSS Steam Defense
Sudoku XSS Sudoku X
Super Mario 3: Mario ForeverSS Super Mario 3: Mario Forever
Sweet’n'RollSS Sweet’n'Roll
Swing CoptersSS Swing Copters
The Golden Years: Way Out WestTS


The Golden Years: Way Out West
The Treasures of MontezumaTT The Treasures of Montezuma
The WarehouseTT The Warehouse
Tower BuilderTT Tower Builder
Tower Of HanoiTT Tower Of Hanoi
TownopolisTT Townopolis
Train ControllerTT Train Controller
Trap the ZombieTT Trap the Zombie
Treasure IslandTT Treasure Island
Treasure Masters Inc.TT Treasure Masters Inc.
TriO: The Great SettlementTT TriO: The Great Settlement
Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter BoxedUT


Ultimate Word Search 2: Letter Boxed
Uncover TomatoUU Uncover Tomato
Unfreeze PenguinsUU Unfreeze Penguins
Waterfalls 3: PortalsWU


Waterfalls 3: Portals
Where are my pipes?WW Where are my pipes?
WonderlinesWW Wonderlines
World Capitals QuizWW World Capitals Quiz
World Flags QuizWW World Flags Quiz
Zombie Launcher: Winter SeasonZW


Zombie Launcher: Winter Season
Zuma DeluxeZZ Zuma Deluxe
ZzedZZ Zzed